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Size Matters

Playing with scale in interiors has long been a clever way of creating the illusion of space, creating emphasis by making sure the pieces you use are impactful, either because of their size or their finish.

People often assume that a small room needs small furniture, when in fact bigger pieces can actually make the space appear larger.  Using lots of smaller items can make the room appear cramped and cluttered – introducing larger pieces to your small space, in smaller quantities, gives the illusion of space.

Try also to mix up textures, so clean & crisp glass and metallic finishes, mixed with real wood and rich velvets or chenille work really well and each finish highlights the others.  This room shows oversized bedside lamps in glass with suede and metallic trim shades, next to real wood bedsides and an oversized velvet headboard, the look uses a mix of both texture and scale to create a cosy but stylish area to retreat to.

Another style tip is to invest in key pieces, well designed items never go out of fashion. You can accessorize with cheaper high street pieces that you can change as trends come and go.

This blog was supplied by Cornish Interiors.