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What is EcoDesign? What does LOT 20 mean?

From 1st January 2018 all local space electric heaters manufactured and sold in the EU must meet a set of minimum efficiency standards, this essentially means all heaters will have to incorporate intelligent room temperature controls to minimise wasted energy.

The Cali Eco-Sense range which was designed specifically according to the key principles of EcoDesign (which have actually been under discussion in energy efficiency circles since 2011), provides users with intelligent heating control systems including but not limited to:

High accuracy temperature control accurate to within +-0,2° Adaptive temperature control and Eco start Smart Open Window Technology (detecting sudden drops in temperature to automate shut down and avoid energy wastage) Presence detection (enabling automated programming for temperature control)

V27 technology self-programming (drawing on presence detection to calculate and apply most economical/comfortable programming for each users lifestyle) Effectively the integration of these technological features delivers users with an average 30% saving on energy consumption as compared to storage heater, panel heater or none intelligent control electric heating systems.

In addition, by using only high quality components, to deliver the highest quality build process through our entirely European based manufacturing sites, we are the only providers of Electric heating systems in the UK to deliver products certified to the NF Performance

*** eye quality accreditation standard. This ensures that our products are not only technologically excellent, and ultra-efficient in full compliance with all Ecodesign Lot 20 requirements, but also built to last and boast a customer returns rate below 0.2%!

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