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Buying a Holiday Home as an Investment

Posted: 29/06/2017 by Andrew Weaver in Holiday Homes

Like buy-to-let properties, holiday homes work as investments and part of a general investment portfolio. They make a very different investment type, howev...
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Lighting your Living Space

Posted: by Andrew Weaver in Interior Design

The main living space in your home can be known by several different names – the living room, lounge, or sitting room – but whatever you call it this r...
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Explore Cornwall with St Merryn Park, Padstow

Posted: 06/06/2017 by Andrew Weaver in Holiday Homes

St Merryn Park is the perfect base from which to explore Cornwall, just a stone’s throw from the popular and picturesque harbour town of Padstow, St Merr...
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The Ultimate Guide to ways Homeowners can Increase their Booking

Posted: by Andrew Weaver in Holiday Homes

‘How can we maximise the amount of bookings that our property receives?’ It’s a question that the property department get frequently get asked from h...
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Chimney Safety

Posted: by Andrew Weaver in Home Improvement, Sustainable Living

With the increased popularity of Woodburning and Multi-fuel stoves it is sometimes all too easy to forget the importance of the on-going maintenance requir...
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Keeping your Home Safe – when you are there or away!

Posted: by Andrew Weaver in Home Technology

Home security is something that most of us are increasingly concerned about, particularly when many of us will be leaving our homes empty at some point ove...
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Reasons to Buy a Holiday Home in Cornwall

Posted: by Andrew Weaver in Holiday Homes

You may have already made up your mind. You may not need us to reiterate why this glorious county of Kernow is a great investment option. But if you’re s...
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