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Top Tip Performance – It’s all about the Maintenance

We’ve all been there (haven’t we, or is it just me?!) … buying new household goods, ignoring the warranty notices and just getting on with life. When my new fridge was delivered it had this huge orange sticker on the front asking me to call and register for a 10 year warranty. You couldn’t miss it. It was still on my to-do-list when the engineer arrived to fix the freezer section.

Service and Maintenance. Warranties and extended warranties. It can seem like a pointless spend, an extra outlay when you’ve already paid for an all singing and all dancing piece of kit. In actual fact keeping your kit in good working order is money well spent. Like checking the oil & water in your car and keeping up to date with your services, it improves efficiency, performance and, in some cases, extends the life of your kit.

We caught up with Cornwall based renewable energy experts Natural Generation to get the low down on looking after your renewables.
“Looking after your renewables means you can be sure that your system will continue to work efficiently, safely and reliably.” Ivor Thomson, Natural Generation

So, if keeping your renewables clean, well serviced and working well will ensure maximum generation and efficiency, what should households look for in a renewable energy provider?

Ideally you need to look for a provider who has been around for a long time and has a lot of customers, and obviously they need to be MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) approved.
A good way to check longevity in the industry check a company’s MCS number – the lower the number the longer they’ve been around for which probably means they know what they’re doing.
“Over the last 10 years we’ve installed hundreds of domestic systems across the south west, of all shapes and sizes … and we’re number 29 on the MCS register.” Ivor

What are the signs of an excellent service provider?

Keep your eyes open for customer testimonials, returning customers and case studies and make sure the company isn’t just trying to sell you something.
“At Natural Generation we are completely transparent about previous work and always happy for potential customers to call anyone we have previously worked for. ” Ivor
Natural Generation have a full service and maintenance division who keep themselves busy looking after heat pumps, boilers, solar pv & thermal and mains pressure hot water storage systems for homeowners.

They have annual domestic maintenance plans, called NG-HomeSure, created specifically to suit households which include a full service each year. Most plans also include a free breakdown visit should you be unlucky enough to need one.

The company who installed my renewables has gone out of business.

You can take out a maintenance plan with Natural Generation even if they didn’t install your system.
“We’re really busy on installs and maintenance but we can book you in so you know it will all be taken care of” Ivor

This blog was provided by Natural Generation.