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The Kitchen Table

Nowadays most new kitchens are focused on our desire for flexible living space and open plan living and many homeowners are investing their money in homes with larger social areas that are suitable for cooking, dining and relaxing.

Regardless of our preferred layout, the kitchen is undeniably the favourite room in the home when it is time to congregate and this means that our kitchens and the items of furniture we place within them have to work harder than in any other room in the home.

Besides the more obvious activities like preparing, cooking and eating, kitchens are often the spot where children will prefer to complete their homework and discuss their day and of course the kitchen is always a prime spot for quick catch-up over a coffee or a glass of wine!

This is generally a space where we come together to reconnect, stepping outside of the bubble of our busy modern lives for just a moment.

A Place Where Memories Are Made

The kitchen table is traditionally a piece of furniture that provides us with a backdrop to the most important activity in the home, after all it is a place where fabulous memories are made; enjoying celebratory meals together, opening life changing letters, and centre stage for meaningful conversations.

A wonderful combination of laughter and tears are connected to the kitchen table over the years and so, it makes perfect sense that regardless of whether your kitchen is large or small, you endeavour to make space for this crucial piece of furniture that for generations has been associated with homeliness and comfort.

Bespoke Furniture 

In a small or awkward kitchen, it may feel tricky to incorporate a table into the space, but before you dismiss the idea altogether, it is well worth speaking with a designer about a bespoke piece.  With the right expertise and design input, you would be surprised at what can be achieved!

The way we design our homes has a direct impact on the  way we feel and interact with one other, and with this in mind, creating a space that is beautiful and functional would surely be impossible without an all important kitchen table…


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