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A Greener Approach when Remodelling your Kitchen

Planning for a brand new kitchen is such an exciting process, particularly for those who have been making do with a tired or outdated looking space for some time.

Kitchens tend to be the heart of the home, a space where we prep, cook, dine and socialise with both family and friends, so a well-executed kitchen revamp has a wonderfully positive impact on a home and its inhabitants.

One negative aspect associated with this type of project, (aside from the expense), can be the amount of material waste that is usually involved with the average kitchen remodel.

However, those with a green ethos will be pleased to know that there are many ways to make your renovation project greener and altogether more sustainable.

Recycle Your Old Kitchen Cabinets

Your old kitchen may not suit your current style or practical needs but perhaps someone else could put it to good use?

You may find that by making enquiries within your own network of family and friends you are able to divert your kitchen from landfill. Failing that, you could try posting an advert online on sites like Preloved or Freecycle to connect with an individual or organisation who would like your old kitchen.

Your unwanted kitchen could end up in someone’s home or a community space; and keep in mind that even tired cabinets could be used in a utility space, garage, cellar or shed.

Sure, it will take a little longer than simply discarding it all but both the recipient and the environment will thank you for your efforts!

Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

Great quality, energy efficient appliances require a little more investment at the outset, but the payoff of lower running costs and durability make this the only sensible option for both your wallet and the environment in the long run.

A growing number of homeowners are installing energy efficient hot water taps as this type of product has incredibly low running costs, making it an efficient and convenient addition to a busy kitchen environment.

Reuse Solid Wood 

When kitchen cabinets are built using a solid wood rather than an inferior composite material, it is far more practical to reuse them in a new project in the future. Whether it is a matter of simply updating the style of the doors, or going for a complete overhall, solid wood is so durable and versatile that it is quite possible to reuse the majority of your old cabinets in your new project should you wish to.

Solid wood can be altered, repaired and refreshed with relative ease, giving this material a huge advantage over others. It is much greener to reuse and revamp than to completely replace your entire kitchen!

Integrate Old Finds

Taking a vintage find or an antique and incorporating it into your new interior is a fantastically successful way to inject a huge dose of personality into any space. Whether it is an old door, a collection of vintage crates, or a unique fitting or fixture, choosing old items instead of new is such a great way to reduce waste, whilst adding a unique and quirky edge to any design project.

Add Depth & Charm with Reclaimed Wood

Explore the option of purchasing reclaimed wood to incorporate in your new kitchen design. There are of course great environmental benefits associated with this material as you immediately reduce the energy and resources that would otherwise have been used in the production of new materials.

That aside, using reclaimed wood to create new shelves, doors or even an entire kitchen island cannot fail to add a great depth of character to your project!

This blog was provided by George Robinson Kitchens