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Ssshhhh! Little Angel Sleeping!

Children’s bedrooms have come a long way from the days of having Power Ranger duvet covers with matching curtains.

Your precious people can now have pampered palaces, fit for princesses complete with sparkly wallpaper, carriage shaped beds and chandeliers or pirate ship bunk beds, treasure chest toy boxes and Jolly Roger bedding!

With so many possible themes and ideas it can be an absolute minefield knowing where to start.

A good idea is to begin with one item; a favourite character or a colourful cushion and build on it from there. You’ll be surprised what else you find that will compliment it. From Spiderman lampshades to Iggle Piggle pictures, there is a plethora of decorative accessories dedicated to your little ones favourite show. You can find this stuff everywhere! Supermarkets have a great selection and carboot sales and internet auction sites are definitely worth a look. Great for those on a budget too!

Ultimately, you need to think about space. Storage is probably the biggest issue when it comes to a child’s room. Toys, toys and more toys all need to have somewhere to be stored and it needs to be accessible and safe to get to. It’s no good putting the favourite Paw Patrol action figure on the top shelf!

You are spoilt for choice these days for storage units, many of which have been designed solely for toy storage and are chunky, colourful and make the best use of small spaces. There are plastic pull out tubs, stackable decorative boxes and attractive baskets which can all compliment a multitude of themes.

If you’re on a budget, upcycling an existing storage unit or chest of drawers can’t be simpler. A lick of paint and some new handles and you’ll give new life to an old but functional favourite.

When considering colours, there are a multitude of wallpapers and paints to choose from to enhance any child’s room, many of which are hard-wearing and made to survive any little Picasso moments!  And with lots of DIY places offering paint colour matching services, you’ll easily be able to get the Sofia the First purple you’ve been searching for!

For decorating novices or those with little time, wall stickers are just brilliant. From sentimental word murals to elaborate, colourful scenes, you’ll be sure to find something that suits. They are simple to put up, easy to remove and are oh so effective.

Finally, lighting can really provide the finishing touch to any children’s bedroom. From glow in the dark stars in a space themed room, to fluffy fairy lights in a pampered princess room, you can certainly find the perfect way to make bedtime enticing and ensure your little treasures wind down for some much needed rest.

Remember, planning a children’s bedroom can be great fun. You get to be creative, colourful and you can let yours and your child’s imagination run wild!

This blog was provided by Little Hen