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D3 Architects Stage 1: The Sketch Scheme

This is your architects’ first attempt at interpreting your brief. They will have provided you with some options, some you might have suggested and hopefully some you had not. There is no right or wrong design merely the best one for your needs.

But I hate it!

That is great news. How you might wonder. Well if there is nothing you don’t like, it means we have found all the things you don’t want or like so we can ensure they are not included in subsequent designs. Don’t be afraid of saying what you think about a design, it is after all a suggestion.

But I love all of the options!

As a designer that’s great to hear but a bit problematic for you as the client. Take some time and look closely at the designs to see what you like. Are there some common themes such as maximised view, great circulation, and beautiful staircase? Then you can discuss about incorporating elements or refining your preferred design. Consider the materials and finishes you would like to use as well.

Take your time

At this stage every wall you move is free. You are just moving ink lines on a page. Spend the time and get this right, ensure you understand the building. You can ask for sections and other information to help you understand the proposed building. Consider some issues such as housing the ironing board and Christmas tree, can you take your coat off in the lobby, will your sofa fit in the lounge?

Making changes when a builder is on site is difficult and expensive and may not be as simple as you think. At this stage the construction will have been worked out and there might be repercussions that you are not aware of. Your architect is here to assist you and help you get the most from your project, so please take your time to understand the designs and listen to any advice they have to give you.

All the best with your project and next time we will look at planning applications.

Guest Blog written by Simon from D3 Architects

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