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Planning to redecorate this spring? Have you also thought about altering the heating too?

Modern electric heaters are easy to install, far more energy efficient and can look beautiful too!

Whilst we might moan about our old central heating system we generally put up with it because the process of changing a boiler, pipes and radiators is a massive upheaval and expense. But, what if you could add a beautiful cheap to run electric heater to one room without any fuss and it looked like part of the décor rather than an eyesore?

Electric infrared heating panels come in beautiful designs of thick glass or mirrors, or even a picture in a frame! The heaters can simply be fitted to the nearest plug or neatly installed with the cables hidden. A thermostatic programmer then gives you full control of your heating, just like central heating, from a wireless remote or smart control, and to save energy you are controlling the heating to one room individually rather than heating every room the same.

When your heater looks like a piece of artwork or a mirror you want it in a central, pride of place, position high up on the wall, which then also allows you freedom to move the furniture around just as you want it!

Infrared heating has revolutionised the way we think about heating our homes, from the stylish designs, to the wonderful comfortable feeling of infrared warmth on the body, to the potential for massive energy savings.

Infrared energy is a harmless process found in nature. The feeling of warmth from the sun on a very cold spring day is infrared energy, it travels through the cold air and only turns to heat upon touching a surface, that might be your face, the cat lying in a shaft of sunshine or a stone wall, certain surfaces have the ability to absorb infrared and to be warmed up, they then radiate warmth back. We have all felt a warmed stone wall or hot sandy beach – this is purely the infrared energy from the sun warming the surfaces which then remain warm, and feel lovely and cosy. That same effect is being harnessed in your home with infrared heating but at a very gentle rate, and this is the reason your heater should be up high, so its infrared rays can reach every part of the room.

It is a very different principle to conventional hot air heating but the benefits are converting consumers to this highly efficient and effective technology. Please talk to a specialist infrared heating provider to make sure you purchase the right size heating panel for your own situation as every building and solution is different.

This blog was provided by Multi Heat – Energy Systems