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Get What Your Home Demands From Your Electrical, Audio Visual & IT Installation

Electrical and Audio Visual technology can often be one of the last thoughts for anybody whilst planning a self build project. It is usual for people to overlook this aspect and not really think about or discuss it. 20 years ago that approach wouldn’t have been an issue with the average home but times have changed.

Here is a guide to avoid the most common mistakes.

Even the correct design of TV Aerial points in the average modern house can be overlooked by electricians without the relevant knowledge base so make sure you are clear with your needs and if the electrical contractor seems like it is beyond their normal scope of works then make sure you seek specialist advice from an experienced installer.

The first area you will need to think about is TV points. These days Smart TVs, Sky, Blu Ray players and AV amplifiers require a little more thought. For Smart TVs and Sky+ HD set boxes to achieve their full functionality you will need two aerial cables of the correct specification along with a Cat6a Network point for the ‘On Demandcontent.  This is a common mistake in new build houses and one that costs little to implement at the build stage.

The second area people tend to overlook is good WiFi coverage for all of their connected devices. There is a common misconception that the often cheap, bundled Broadband Router will be able to function over distance to many people at the same time. Where building layout & materials pose coverage issues, a couple of well placed Cat6a points with WiFi Access Points attached to them can get you out of jail and provide the coverage you need. The next step up is a well thought out wired network consisting of Cat6a points to the relevant places in your property, this will help you connect all your gadgets now and into the future.

A new and emerging requirement in properties is Multi Room Audio & Visual systems that allow you to listen or watch any selection of content in any room you desire. This sort of requirement will need a design put into place to achieve your needs so should not be left to chance.

Also making their way into homes, thanks to the advent of IP Cameras is CCTV. These are now well within the range of the modern home owner and can be viewed on any device, anywhere in the world to help keep your property safe and secure.

When employing these different technologies it is important to have them professionally run and wired back to a central AV Rack in a cupboard or plant room. This has many advantages; the main one being that any wiring changes are all made in the one physical place and can be modified with minimal fuss.

The last thing on the list is how to control all of these new technologies with ease. There are several manufacturers out there that provide accessible and well thought out control or even home automation systems that can make it a joy to use. These systems used to be for the super wealthy only, however, they are now well within the reach of the average home owner and the benefits they provide are almost endless. This is one area that needs a lot of consideration and will affect all aspects of your Electrical and Audio Visual installation.  Consultation and planning will need to be employed to achieve the goals in this highly technical area.

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