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Which garage door would suit the Cornish lifestyle?

Choosing a new garage door can sometimes be tricky, especially when you don’t know where to start. 

Here are some things to consider:

What will the garage be used for?
This is often overlooked, so make sure you consider what the garage will be used for. Is it a home office? A parking space for your car? Or is it filled with bikes, surfboards and kayaks for when the Cornish weather comes out to play.

Materials available to battle the Cornish air
Timber or GRP? Aluminium, Steel or ABS Plastic? Most choices will be decided by the practicality and maintenance required, but also the appearance should be considered – Modern and Contemporary, or Traditional and Rustic?

Powder coat painted steel is the most cost effective, whilst an insulated roller door has aluminium laths, which are more corrosion resistant. But let’s not forget the very natural and unique look that timber doors can offer.

Insulation Options
An integral garage, workshop, gym or playroom? Thermal insulation could be very important to keep out the Cornish wind and cold the winter brings. A Sectional garage door might be the best option with insulation of up to 42mm being an option. Each joint on the individual section also includes, and is surrounded by rubber seals to help improve the thermal insulation. A sectional garage door is better thermally insulated with a lower U Value of 1.3 W/m2K, whilst a typical up & over has a U value of 5.8 W/m2K – this is due to the gaps between the frame and the garage door, these are required to allow the operation of the door without causing damage to the door.

The SWS roller garage door also provides a solution to keep the weather out, especially as its extremely weatherproof and can withstand nearly 60 mile per hour winds – the ones you could get during Cornish storms.

A car, computers, tools or expensive toys, making sure your garage is secure is important to all homeowners.  The majority of garage doors have solid security features, however take into consideration the ‘Secured by Design’ range which is offered by Garador on the Up and Over Garage Doors.

Also, the SWS SeceuroGlide Excel Roller garage door – this roller door has one of the highest security specifications on the market and has passed both police and insurance standards. If protection for your car, valuables and home is a priority then this needs to be considered.

Driving up to the garage, it’s pouring with rain and now its time to jump out of the warm dry car to unlock the garage and open it up. Imagine the same situation however when all you have to do is press a button and the door opens electronically – simple!  The majority of doors can be automated, so even if the budget doesn’t allow a swanky new garage door and automation, there is usually the option of automating at a later date (except for the SeceuroGlide manual).

This blog was provided by Cornwall Garage Door Centre