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Dare To Dream Building Your Own Grand Design

Designing and Building a Grand Design? A new home that aspires to make the most of our magnificent countryside and the panoramic views is the key to any new project, as well as leaving a legacy for years to come.

Although initially daunting, challenging and often frustrating, being involved in designing & choosing the material & finish within your new home offers rewards and fulfillment that cannot be rivalled.

A key feature of any project is to bring natural light into the home, creating & feeling space, burring the divide between inside & out, as well as determining the overall aesthetics of the property.

The use of glass & glass within the Windows & Doors has now become the key element in every new project.

Glass can be used to create the Illusion of a floating roof or framing a panoramic view. Near frame less windows & doors offer level site lines inside to out. Use height above the conventional, increasing the vista to the view outside with large opening doors that can be thrown open to give freedom to move inside or out on a summer’s day or evening.

Clear glazed roof panels bring height and natural light into a room. Used cleverly they can illuminate an area from a different direction or create a new aspect or unusual feature to a room without excessive heat gain, or simply used to bring light to a dark corner without windows.

To complement these views frame less Glass Balustrade Edging Balconies and Raised Decked areas is an absolute must, which offers the required safety while maintaining the clear unhindered views from inside or on your Balcony.

Internal use of Glass and natural materials is just as Important, Timber adds warmth: Glass maintains the feeling of light and space. Stairs constructed in Timber, or by Increasing the natural light with deeper or unusual shaped Windows that utilize scenic views. Mirrors can be used to reflect light and give the Illusion of space, Wet rooms and Showers fitted with frame less clear toughened glass again give an open and airy feel to the room.

Finally nothing impresses more than a Grand Entrance Door in Solid Oak or a range of other Timbers.

Thanks to the resilience of timber, modern construction methods and engineered composite panels, these doors are secure, weather tight and stable In any location.

Geoff Jones, Director at Camel Glass says, “Just as important in many of these exposed locations is not to forget the lessons of the past and build to meet our unique Southwest climate.

“We are luckier than most with our mild winter temperature’s, but driving winds and rain and many locations taking advantage of coastal views with marine conditions and general high humidity requires careful consideration of  materials on any project.”.


This blog was supplied by the Camel Group