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Construction costs

One of the biggest considerations when undertaking building work is the cost. Here is the key information you will need to control your budget from Simon at D3 Architects.

Is the budget big enough?

Construction costs vary depending on several factors including specification, site access, scope and extent of work (i.e. do you want to decorate yourself?). A good guide to work to is to budget £1500 per m2 of new floor area that will be created. This means all floors so if you have a two storey extension you need to include both ground and first floor areas.

Actual costs can vary from £1200 to £2000 plus. If you don’t know how big the extension or house will be but have a budget then you can divide the budget by the m2 price to get an idea of the area your budget will achieve. Do speak to your architect as there are many ways to cleverly achieve more with less and don’t forget a contingency for those unexpected items.

What about a Quantity Surveyor?

If you do not want to rely on your architect and contractor to manage the project costs then you can employ a quantity surveyor. A quantity surveyor, will for a fee, work out the anticipated cost for your project. Typically they are used on larger jobs or new houses where more cost control is required or desired. They can also help monitor costs due to increase in material prices, delays and extra works requested.

The actual figures will only arrive once you have the contractors quotes (see our previous article on tenders). During the contract, the cost and work need to be monitored to ensure at the end you have your dream view and house. When you look back at the cost, don’t forget the added value to your property and the value of achieving your goal.

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