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What is Bespoke?

When looking for a new kitchen, bespoke is used a lot to describe kitchens; from multi- national “sheds” to independent retailers supplying similar products to the multi nationals – just offering better service to independent factories building their own cabinets.

Let’s look at the dictionary definition of bespoke: “specially tailored to the client’s measurements.” So, how can a company selling only a range of standard cabinets offer a bespoke service? At Parks Interiors they offer two ranges of kitchen cabinets that can be tailored or made-to-measure.One uses a melamine faced chipboard (MFC) cabinet. This is the material the majority of kitchen cabinets are made from. Parks Interiors though, have a different front edge to most, making them longer lasting. The doors for the cabinets are made in the same factory as the cabinet, not bought in from another supplier, then retro-fitted to the standard cabinet. This means that a cabinet of any size can be manufactured complete with its matching door.

The solid oak range is truly special. This cabinet is made up of solid oak strips alternating the grain to provide stability.  These are then dovetailed together on each corner for strength. This is called the ‘Bespoke in Oak’ cabinet because you can have any size you want. So how does this make a kitchen better for you? Well, as designers, Parks Interiors are not constrained by the standard widths: 300, 400, 500mm etc or combinations of tall cabinets. In fact, in a recently fitted kitchen in Lanhydrock the ceilings were over 3m high and they needed a cabinet of 2.7m to line up with the top of existing door openings. This flexibility allows the designers at Parks Interiors to be truly bespoke and tailor your to kitchen to your exact needs.

There is an old and wise saying; “you get what you pay for.” However, this does not necessarily mean standard sized cabinets are of lesser quality or that made to measure is over-priced.  Parks Interiors’ ranges are of a superior standard and, like-for-like, are extremely competitively priced against the national companies.  For something a bit special, chose a solid wood cabinet that can be finished in natural wood or painted the colour of your choice.  Of course this costs more but you will be rewarded with furniture that will enhance your home and last a lifetime and even if you lose favour with the colour, you can change it. Their made-to-measure ranges of solid wood cabinets have all the advantages of the standard sized ranges paired with a perfect fit – and they don’t cost the earth.

Guest Blog written by Gary Parks from Parks Interiors

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