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Building a house next year? Read our Top 5 Architecture Trends for 2015

As the winter months of 2014 approach, we decided to explore the up-coming top architectural trends set to grow throughout 2015. Here are some of our favourites.

Design for Relaxation

After a long day at work, your home should be the place where you can unwind and relax. The popularity of spas and boutique hotels will mean that in 2015 the desire for high-end bathrooms with spa facilities will continue to rise. There will be a bigger emphasis on large, luxurious bathtubs, open plan spaces and walk in showers.

Transforming Outdoor Spaces

During our British summer most of us love nothing more then being able to spend quality time in the garden, and in 2015 this will be no different. Gardens can be transformed into secluded paradises or be a place that all the family can enjoy. The coming season will see an increase in landscape gardens with features such as outdoor kitchens and dining areas with grills and fire-pits. As well as this, recreational amenities such as swimming pools and hot tubs will be desirable. The popularity of vegetable and fruit gardens will also be likely to increase. The addition of seating areas or strategic lighting will transform gardens into outdoor rooms to be enjoyed for a variety of purposes.

Passive Homes

Homes built to work with the climate are known as passive homes. They aim to reduce the external technology to zero and make the house as self sufficient as possible. House designs incorporating large windows will maximize the heat from the sun helping to warm the home. Roofs will continue to provide bases for solar and wind power technologies. Using overhangs will help keep the home cool during the summer months and efficient insulation will help keep the heat in. Another common feature of a passive home is double or triple glazing throughout. Ultimately these houses are designed to slash 90% off energy consumption.

Health Conscious Designs

Common building materials, such as wood stains, paints, insulation, upholstery and other synthetic materials can be the cause of hypoallergenic reactions in homeowners. These chemicals can also cause other possible health problems, which is why in 2015 more people will opt for a safer, natural source of material when they design their homes. Many alternatives can be sourced and are available if the client requests them.

Flexible Rooms

In 2015 we will see more duel purpose rooms. For example, having a room with a private entrance gives homeowners the flexibility to use the space themselves or to rent it out and generate an income. Additionally, the trend towards more young people living at home for longer or the need to accommodate an elderly relative will see homes continually finding ways to adapt.

If you’re planning a house build in 2015 share your photos and experience with us on our Facebook page – we’d love to hear how you get on. Good luck!


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